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Advice for singers

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Get that pencil out!

Don't treat your copy of music like a holy writ!  Marking your copy will not get you drummed out of the choir!
You'll never remember half the stuff advised, suggested and mandated in rehearsal unless you get that pencil out - so here's some pointers for you:

1. Circle the operative word in a line of text

2. Draw an arrow to show the direction of the phrase

3. Use hairpins on long notes to remind you to shape up or down

4. Use a tenuto to show syllables that need extra weight

5. Put a comma between notes where you need to breathe

6. Put a bigger comma where the choir is going to breathe together

7. Put an arrow where NOT to breathe

8. Use a phrase mark to show the length and shape of a longer phrase

9. Draw little glasses to mark a spot where you need to pay careful attention

10. Write ‘MORE’ to remind you to give extra at that spot

11. Write ‘BREATHE!’ when the phrase requires a ton of air support

12. Write ‘MOVE’ where the music always bogs down

13. Put big slashes where the repeats go

14. Put little slashes on the beats you routinely miscount

15. Mark the placement of final consonants

16. Asterisk a spot where you’ve gone wrong more than twice once.

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