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Some photos from our Autumn 2019 Concert with the Stockport Salvation Army Band at the Stockport SA Citadel.

Some of the photos taken 15th June 2019 during our programme with SALVO Brass at Stockport Citadel Salvation Army.  On this occasion our choir was augmented by members of the Citadel Songster Brigade.  We had a lovely evening and our items Evr'y time I feel the spirit, Steal away, Surely he has born our griefs and Under his wing were well received.

Listen to a few snippets from our Diamond Anniversary Concert - it features Simon and Garfunkel, Rhythm of Life, Ev'ry time I feel the Spirit, Steal away, Riversong.  Set the player playing and scroll down the page to view the gallery photos while listening.

Here are some of the photos take at the Concert on 16th March 2019

Some of the photos taken at our 2018 Christmas concert: